See who has pledged!

This is where we’ll list the pledges. We will list the city, state, country, and amount for each pledge, as well as noting whether it was a pledge per-library or a one-time donation. We’d like to thank our donors by name, but there’s a box you can check on the pledge form to have your name left out.

Although we need your email address and phone number to collect the pledges, we promise not to share those with anyone.

There is a section for comments on the form. You can leave a comment that’s just for us, or you can leave a public comment, like a challenge to others to donate more! just make it clear in the comment that you leave whether or not it’s intended for the public.

July 1: Our first pledge is in!

Cat Jones in Baltimore, MD, USA pledged ten cents per library!

July 9

Anonymous donors in Ossining, NY pledged $1 per library!

July 18

Sarah Weissman in Baltimore pledged $1 per library!

July 19

Anonymous donor in Chicago, IL pledged fifty cents per library!

July 21

Anna Evans-Goldstein in Baltimore, MD pledged $1 per library!

July 24

Damien Haussling in Baltimore, MD made a $5 donation PLUS a 5 cent pledge per library!


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