The Libraries!

Beacause of the way I set the site up, it was hard to search for specific posts. So here they are, linked in order of date visited. Please note that a few of the posts deal with multiple libraries, so some of these links go to the same page.

Ossining, NY– The Public Library I grew up in

Hudson, NY – Public Library

Erie, PA – Public Library

Columbus, OH

Public Library

Ohio State University

Chicago, IL

Public Library

Newberry Independent Research Library

Richmond, IL – Public Library

Madison, WI

-Public Library

– University of Wisconsin, Madison, Medical Library

Sioux Falls, SD – Public Library

Wall/ Badlands, SD – Public Library

Rapid City, SD

Ten Sleep, WY – Public Library

Thermopolis, WY – Public Library

Fremont Co., WY

Riverton, WY – Public Library

Lander- WY – Public Library

Kamas, UT– Public Library

Salt Lake City, UT – Public Library

Revo, NV – Public Library

Oakland, CA – Public Library and Tool Library *Post coming soon!!*

San Francisco, CA- Public Library *Post coming soon!!*

Berkeley, CA – Public Library *Post coming soon!!*

GLBT Historical Archives *Post coming soon!!*

Emma Goldman Papers Archives *Post coming soon!!*

University of California at Berkeley *Post coming soon!!*


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