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The East Bay. The alleged ‘hood of the Bay Area. I’ll tell you, this is the fanciest ‘hood I’ve ever been in.

On the other hand, only one of the 18 branches of the Oakland Public Library System is open on Mondays, and they all have very limited hours. Since we had taken a break from library-ing for a few days when we entered the fog that hovers over the San Francisco Bay, we were relegated to a Monday visit, and since we were sick of being in the car and uninterested in paying for more gas in Cali than necessary, we couldn’t make it to downtown Oakland to the main branch.

However, the Temescal Branch, near where we stayed with old friends, had it’s own special allure. It has a tool library, which operates out of a separate basement entrance and is open whenever the library is.

It’s worth noting that another branch, which was also closed on Mondays, hosts The African American Library and Museum, which I’ve heard is phenomenal.