The Biggest Little City Library

When the downtown Reno library was built in 1966, the intention was to build it in a park. For some reason, that didn’t work out, so the architect put a park in the library.


At last count, there were over 1200 plants inside the Reno library.


Needless to say, the air quality is excellent, aided by a reflecting pool on the ground floor.


Unfortunately, the library gets a lot more use than support. Despite steady increase in patronage, their staff has decreased from 32 to 16 since 2003. A lack of social services in the area means librarians find themselves acting as counselors and case managers more than they really have time to. And the building was not built with computers in mind. They have had to do massive rewiring to even get computers plugged in. However, as is the trend, the librarians all seemed to love their jobs fiercely.


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