Hot City

I don’t really go in for soaking in chemical soup, so I generally avoid hot tubs. But I love me some mineral hot springs, and that love drew me to Thermopolis, home to “the world’s largest mineral hot springs.”

The land there used to have a less-stupid name, of course. The Shoshone called it Bah-gue-wana, or Smoking Water. 18 million gallons of water course through the area daily, leaving behind think deposits of minerals.


The treaty which marked the transfer of ownership from Shoshone to US Gov stipulates that some of the waters must be availible to people for free, and the Wyoming State Bath House stands in conspicuous testament to what may be the only treaty the Westward Expanders held up their end of.


Their library is small and quiet, nestled into the cozy downtown.


I love how libraries tailor their collections to meet the needs of their patrons: in Thermopolis almost a tenth of the shelf space was dedicated to books on handicrafts like needlepoint and crochet


and a beautiful, locally made quilt hung on one wall.


The childrens section took up most of the floor space, and included this darling little reading corner. I love the WWF F-n-F.



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